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This podcast will concentrate on anything Rugby in Canada including, CCCRL, NARL, MLR, International Rugby, covering Canada's Ravens and Wolverines. The podcast will take a look at Rugby action around the world including the RFL, NRL, Super League, Super Rugby, Guinness Pro 14, Premiership Rugby, Guinness Six Nations and everything that comes our way.

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Wednesday Feb 16, 2022

Join me as I review the action from various leagues. Find out what I have been up to as it relates to Rugby. randall.mckeown@podvault.ca visit www.podvault.ca

Monday Feb 07, 2022

There really is much to talk about. The MLR season kicked off this past weekend with Toronto Arrows suffering a loss at the hands of the Seattle Seawolves. I recap the other scores and talk about Toronto Arrows next game, back in Canada against the LA Giltinis and there first home game at York Lions Stadium isn't until April 2, 2022 when they play Rugby ATL (Atlanta). Nothing to report on the NARL and nothing to report on the CCCRL.  randall.mckeown@podvault.ca

Thursday Sep 23, 2021

The "New" Toronto Wolfpack team are back in the den. The group that bought the intellectual property of the Toronto Wolfpack of Super League, played their inaugural game at Lamport Stadium in Toronto.       

Thursday Sep 02, 2021

In this episode, it is just an update on what I know about both the NARL and the CCCRL. The Toronto Wolfpack and Ottawa Aces are expected to play in the NARL (North American Rugby League). The Canada Cup has been announced for September 18th at Lamport Stadium in Toronto with the Toronto Wolfpack taking on DC Calvary. The CCCRL announces the six cities it will be playing in and the establishment of a Women's committee to help promote the game for women here in Canada.   

Monday Aug 16, 2021

Join me in conversation with Raheem Bashir from the Last Word on Rugby as we discuss, Toronto Arrows, the NARL (Toronto Wolfpack) and the CCCRL. Raheem is a sports blogger and can be found talking about everything rugby. We are both super excited now that all the cities for the CCCRL have been announced.    You can find out more information about me on my website

Saturday Jul 03, 2021

The CCCRL announced on Friday that the three Eastern Teams that will be competing in the inaugural season are Toronto, Hamilton and Montreal.    The CCCRL had a media release via social media platforms where along with Sandy Shipley, Head of Governance for the CCCRL and the VP of the CCCRL along with Peter Cameron, Ontario Cooperative Association talked with Rob Cardno about what is a Co-0peration.  NARL Toronto Wolfpack announce Matt Wyles, Head Coach

Wednesday Jun 09, 2021

Just a note about the cancellation of the upcoming NARL North American Rugby League Season and the ever so quiet CCCRL. Canadian Cooperative Championship Rugby League...if that is the name. No news from the CCCRL is good news. Only time will tell. Let's get this league up and running. I know there is a pandemic and patience is a virtue, however, any updates would keep the interest of fans.  I speak my mind, these are my opinions and reflect on no other organization.  

Wednesday Apr 14, 2021

For a fairly new podcast, I have received a lot of feedback about the fact that I should be either Rugby Union or Rugby League, but not both. I am not here to confuse the world, but just to cover the sport.  Yes there is a difference but the rules of the game is something that someone can learn. The pure passion of the sport, the excitement and the commitment from players, managers, and owners is what matters.  Entertainment on the field. What are your thought? 

Wednesday Apr 14, 2021

A chance meeting via social media I came across Steven Mckeown and I could tell by his profile picture that he was a fan of the sport and I needed to get to know him better and just because he shares the same last name with me.  Steven Mckeown is the Chairman of the Timaru Rugby League Outlaws, in New Zealand.  Sit back and listen on how committed that Steven has been to see the formation of the club and to see the participation of over 400 players.   

Friday Apr 09, 2021

Welcome to the NARL, North American Rugby League. We introduce to the teams, the divisions and a little history of the Toronto Wolfpack. Not only do we talk North American Rugby League, but we highlight the scores and standings of the NRL and we also look at that other Rugby League, the MLR, Major League Rugby, scores and standings. 

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